Pastor Mark Mitchell and the loving members would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Family of Hope.  We know that you have made one of the most important decisions of your life and we do not take that for granted.
It is our sincere desire that your life will be enriched tremendously by being a part of this family.  We can mutually benefit from our relationship together.  It is my commitment to you to always stand before you anointed of God, and to provide the ministry to meet every spiritual need of you and your family.

About Us

We started with a sports ministry where teenagers of the community met daily to play basketball.  This grew into a home cell bible study. The church had no building at the time and bible study was conducted in 42 homes of willing participants throughout the south Kenner area.

Featured Outstanding Member

This month’s Featured Member is a person with a huge heart and a constant willingness to donate and participate with our Church.  They are the very embodiment of what we try to achieve on a daily basis here at New Hope Community Church.  Please show your support by thanking them today!


Please take a look at our upcoming events and help us grow.

Weekly Bulletin

Please take a look at our weekly bulletin and come worship with us.